MD/STL: Water Co-op Bar

Radical Intention and The Luminary presents "Water Co-op Bar" a project for Marfa Dialogues/STL and the Pulitzer Arts Foundation.

FLOAT 2014: (Collective) Isolation with Radical Intention

FLOAT is a new annual, off-site, short-term gathering that will utilize innovative residency structures to create intensive points of exchange. Each year’s weeklong intensive FLOAT will have a different theme explored in conjunction with a guest artist or curator, and will always involve time spent on a river.

Fall 2014 Residents

The Luminary is pleased to announce our Fall 2014 Residents: Chicago Artist Writers (Chicago/US), Radical Intention (Italy and UK), Lee Hunter (New York/US), Andrea Liu (New York/US), Joshua T Howell (London/UK), and Jisun Beak (New York/US).

In-Residence: Alika Cooper

When I first arrived in St. Louis March 18th, it was still cold enough for a couple light flurries to fall...