Call for Applications: FLOAT 2015

Photo: MoDOT

FLOAT is an annual, off-site, short-term gathering that utilizes innovative residency structures to create intensive points of exchange. Each year’s weeklong intensive FLOAT will have a different theme explored in conjunction with a guest artist or curator, and will always involve time spent on a river.

In-Residence: Mary Coyne

During my residency at The Luminary this April I organized a panel discussion, Curating as Practice: A Practicum, between three curators working in St. Louis. What emerged through our conversation was a mediation on the importance of community – artists, colleagues, members of the community who inspired and enable us to do what we do.

In-Residence: Aaron Harbour


I spent my residency in a very structured, patterned way roughly akin (the more I thought about it) to how I'd ideally spend every day.

In-Residence: Rebecca Noone

I spent last February going into (pretty well) every single store along Cherokee Street between Grand and Lemp.

In-Residence: Alberto Aguilar

I made three visits to Cherokee Street in St. Louis – each time getting a better feel for the neighborhood.