Call for Applications: FLOAT 2015

Photo: MoDOT

FLOAT is an annual, off-site, short-term gathering that utilizes innovative residency structures to create intensive points of exchange. Each year’s weeklong intensive FLOAT will have a different theme explored in conjunction with a guest artist or curator, and will always involve time spent on a river.

In-Residence: Joshua T Howell

Joshua T Howell in America, 2014

It was with these measures of distance, metrics of time and space that I travelled from the UK to The Luminary to participate in the residency program.

Spring 2015 Residents

The Luminary is pleased to announce our Spring 2015 Residents: Rebecca Noone (Toronto/Canada), Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal (Los Angeles/US), Alberto Aguilar (Chicago/US), Aaron Harbour (San Francisco/US), Lori Waxman (Chicago/US), Sean M. Starowitz (Kansas City/US), Ola El-Khalidi (Amman/Jordan), Steven Cottingham (Calgary/Canada), Mary Coyne (Brooklyn/US), Jessica Harvey (Chicago/US), Manuel Rodriguez-Delgado (San Juan/Puerto Rico), Joseph del Pesco and Helena Keeffe (San Francisco/US), and Moira Williams (Brooklyn/US).