In-Residence: Ola El-Khalidi

Jerusalem Golf Course. Forest Park Saint Louis. April 2015

While reading about Saint Louis prior to my visit, I stumbled upon a replica of Jerusalem. This replica, reportedly the largest in the world, was constructed as part of the grandiose 1904 Saint Louis World Fair.

Fall 2015 Residents

Anthony Romero collaboration with ATOM-R.

The Luminary is pleased to announce our Fall 2015 Residents: Moira Williams (Brooklyn/US), Taro Hattori (Oakland/Toyko), Anthony Romero (Chicago/US), Rebecca Conroy (Sydney/Australia), Adrienne Outlaw (Nashville/US), Antonio Serna (NYC/US), Tori Abernathy (Detroit/Portland), Alessandra Saviotti (Belgium/Italy), Paul Shortt (Baltimore/US), Christopher Howard (Brooklyn/US), and Hunter Long (Kansas City/US).

Call for Applications: FLOAT 2015

Photo: MoDOT

FLOAT is an annual, off-site, short-term gathering that utilizes innovative residency structures to create intensive points of exchange. Each year’s weeklong intensive FLOAT will have a different theme explored in conjunction with a guest artist or curator, and will always involve time spent on a river.

In-Residence: Mary Coyne

During my residency at The Luminary this April I organized a panel discussion, Curating as Practice: A Practicum, between three curators working in St. Louis. What emerged through our conversation was a mediation on the importance of community – artists, colleagues, members of the community who inspired and enable us to do what we do.

In-Residence: Aaron Harbour


I spent my residency in a very structured, patterned way roughly akin (the more I thought about it) to how I'd ideally spend every day.