Each month, we will feature an artist-designed cocktail at our bar, with a significant portion of the proceeds going to a selected artist or project. The Slush Fund coincides with The Luminary's launch of its full bar program, continuing our commitment as an artist-centric space to connect each aspect of our programs with the sustainability of artistic practices.

We are excited to officially launch the Slush Fund this September alongside our fall exhibitions, Sporadic Democracy and The Marvelous is Free. This month, we’ll feature a rye whiskey and champagne punch modeled after revolutionary-era drinking habits we’re calling the “___ New World” with proceeds going to digital label Farfetched, whose “Brave New World” event caps off the month's events.

Research: nods to initiatives such as Sunday Soup, Sloup, Joseph del Pesco's The Bitter Valise, Gordan Matta-Clark and Carol Goodden’s conceptual restaurant FOOD and Ryan Gander’s Artists’ Cocktails book for inspiration and further reading.