International Exchange 2016: Berlin

Pictured with Lonnie Hutchinson, Time of Darkness, time of light (1-3): ‘Strata,’ ‘Altar,’ ‘Te puawai’ (blossoming), 2016. Politics of Sharing/On Collective Wisdom, Ifa Gallery Berlin

With an invitation from The Luminary as a part of their annual International Exchange program and support from the Regional Arts Commission, I spent two weeks as an artist-in-residence at ZK/U (Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Center for Art and Urbanistics) in Berlin this summer. The residency came at a crescendo of collaborative processes I am a part of in St. Louis. It was a moment to think critically about the implications of my work and to recommit to what I have been cultivating.

2016 Residents

The Luminary is pleased to announce our 2016 Residents. Drawn from a competitive application process and hailing from London, Little Rock, Berlin, Los Angeles, New York and more, the artists, critics and curators selected will live and work in proximity to our space, producing a range of public programs throughout the year.

Tactical Walking Training Course - Week Four

Constant Nieuwenhuys - Symbolische voorstelling van New Babylon (1969)

With its implication of embodied knowledge, interdependence, and complexity, choreography blurs the distinctions between animate and inanimate objects, chance and order, flesh and information. Choreography disperses individuals—into body parts, gestures, and movements—and reassembles them into groups, patterns, systems, and worlds.
- Heather Love