Just before 10am I'd arrive at Mud House where I would work on my computer for a few hours. I looked for and listened to music, played chess and watched clips of someone playing chess – generally wandered around the internet and planned my day. Then I would go to some studio visits (I did around 14), go to a gallery or museum, or work in my studio. The days mostly ended with me at Whiskey Ring reading. I got a ton of reading done, which was great, and I enjoyed the local beer which even better. A few nights I went out to events – shows at Foam, music in the basements of Blank Space and the Livery. I spent a lot of time with my fellow resident Ola, with whom which I when to Cahokia Mounds.

Punctuated by studio visits and exhibition reviews for his Bay-area publication Curiously Direct, Aaron Harbour ten-day residency spanned his practice as an artist, curator and critic. Make sure to check out, An exhibition that closed when it opened on, an exhibition accessible only online that concluded his active residency in St. Louis.