In 2013, The Luminary initiated an international exchange program to create an exchange of opportunities between artists, curators and organizations in St. Louis and another international city. In most cases both residency accommodations and exhibition opportunities will be provided, but each exchange will be unique.

In 2014, our second exchange has been organized with artists, curators and organizations based in and around Florence, Italy. In the first half of August, the Italian open collective Radical Intention (Valerio del Baglivo, Maria Pecchioli and Aria Spinelli) will be hosted in St. Louis as residents at The Luminary (in collaboration with Temporary Art Review) and in rural central Missouri as guests for our inaugural edition of FLOAT, an annual, off-site, short-term workshop residency. In the second half of August, The Luminary Co-directors and St. Louis-based collaboration US English (James and Brea McAnally) will participate in Decompression Gathering Summer Camp, a week of decompression, communal living and group working, organized by Radical Intention, and be hosted at Corniolo Art Platform (in collaboration with FOSCA) in the Mugello Valley near Florence, Italy.

About Decompression Gathering Summer Camp 2014
During the week participants engaged in theoretical reflections and discussions by taking part in daily excursions, situations of conviviality and sociability, and by taking care of everyday group life through collective tasks. D_Camp 2014 visiting artist was Amy Franceschini of Futurefarmers. Working on the boundaries between art, activism and community organizing, Franceschini organized a special program, Bread Kneads Hands, which took rural rituals specifically connected with bread production as a focus and a starting point to debate such notions as collectivity and communality.

US English at Frau Frisor Fosca
Additionally, James and Brea McAnally were invited to present their practice as founders of both The Luminary and their collaborations as US English at Frau Frisor Fosca (Fosca's project space in a former barbershop). Following a recent project organized by Fosca called Lo Stato dell’Arte (in collaboration with Il Vivaio del Malcantone) which addressed issues regarding sustainability of cultural and artistic spaces in Florence, US English highlighted alternative models of sustainability for artists-run spaces and practices.