Archiving Workshop with Danielle McCoy + Kimberly Springer

Be at peace, not war, with your studio archive
Monday, September 18th
6:00-7:30 pm

During this workshop, we’ll touch the surface of what it means to use archives in your artistic practice. We’ll discuss together what a studio archive is, what’s in this archive and why it’s important to think about organizing them. On the practical level, how can developing a consistent archival practice in your studio help you now and with future projects. How can having easily accessible artifacts ensure that you can work effectively in applying for grants and working with galleries/museums? In this short workshop, we’ll talk mostly about analog materials and hit on the digital as we have time.

Light refreshments served. Donations accepted.
Come prepared with a notebook and questions

Hosted by Danielle McCoy of WORK/PLAY and facilitated by Kimberly Springer.