Citizen Book Club #4

Citizen Book Club #4:Juliana Huxtable "Mucus In my Pineal Gland"

Tuesday, February 13th

"If you walk up through Harlem and along the Bronx river you come to a space beyond the boundaries of GPS software unable to sense the wall of ashes (from buildings burnt for insurance money) and amassed smoke from crack pipes. Beyond this veil is a mythical land where black mountains covered in panther fur split tributaries of the river as the water fights its way into the ideational ocean of my schizophrenic longing for the place that Left Eye got lost in while making Fan Mail. Dense sky, air heavy and moist with the blood of pigs lingering in the near tropical heat of a topos under greenhouse effect. Cut off from the "real" by an atmospheric bubble of cointelpro propaganda and pamphlets created by the Hoover administration, it's a land where reparations are taken as they are lived. It's muses and mediums among us are "urban" women in sports bras, boxer shorts, and low slung camo pants in military and athletic shower. The spiritual residue of "capitalism plus dope equals genocide" and protective optimism of free breakfast for the children swings in hoop earrings so large they trace collarbones when jaws drop to disclose lyrically that there is still a place where black unicorns run freely. Bantu Knots and bald heads with thickly lined lips occasion a moment to memorialize the hood surrealism of Hype Williams and the futures of Octavia Butler (and the images that front the covers of her books). Where the ontological chains of the Atlantic triangle reverberate to shattering point in patterns, beats, rhymes and technicolor insistences on a new world where the common thread is shared with Missy when she says: "I can't stand the rain (me I'm superfly). Beyond the mountains, Aaliyah croons "More than a Woman" and broken staticy clips of Angela Davis speeches playing on leftist AM radio provide the "Feels like" addition to the general climate reading of the morning weather."

"(Untitled) Soft Power"

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