Close/Far Recordings presents Alex Cunningham with Ghost Ice and Lobster

Close/Far presents

ALEX CUNNINGHAM (Cassette Release)
Alex is a St. Louis-based guitarist and violinist originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His sensibilities and prowess range from extended technique / experimental playing in solo and group free improvisational settings to performing composed post-rock in Hardbody alongside members of Spelling Bee and Stonechat. This evening will see the release of Alex's new tape Kinesthetics on Close/Far Recordings featuring nine solo improvisations on violin. Overall the collection displays a very distinct quality of earnestness and alertness while communicating with a spectacular vocabulary of texture, rhythm, and gesture making it quite a stunning debut solo recording.

In the far reaches of the US underground, Jeremy Kannapell aka Ghost Ice is a bit of a legend. I've heard people whisper his name in reverence on the East and West Coasts, as well as several places in between. This is partly due to his aversion for recording, making him hard to trace and document, like the jackalope of experimental music. Brain joggling pans, buried Revue OU-styled vocalese, sparse and precise electronic whirring and squiggling, strange near-rhythmic pulses, among other hard to describe techniques, are in his mystery bag. Unlike many out there, Ghost Ice knows how to punctuate his sounds with silence, making the whole experience all that much more potent and disorienting. He's defined his own sound language, for sure. Kannapell is also a keen visual artist in the filmic and paper-based mediums, a noteworthy collagist of all stripes. (Matthew Erickson)

LOBSTER (Kevin Harris & NNN Cook)
Trained as a sculptor and the founder of the now defunct legendary Floating Laboratories venue, Kevin Harris works as an electrical engineer by day and makes a crazy range of next-level modular synthesizer elaborations across the audio/visual spectrum the rest of the time. He's been doing increasingly more work with video-synthesizers, light sensors and other things I don't understand. Recently he curated the amazing Audible Interruptions sound art series at the Contemporary Art Museum. In addition to running the Close/Far tape label Nathan Cook's prime vehicle for solo sound output over the years has been through his namesake N.N.N. Cook project, which has been manifested largely through a long series of interconnected ritualistic live performances. In these small-scale events, Cook employs multiple cheap tape-recorders, handheld percussive gestures, wild saxophone skree, small-motor elements and gut-blossoming oscillators, while playing the full dynamics of a given room’s architectural constraints. The stage is everywhere and nowhere for the man.* Together as Lobster, Harris and Cook explore the high/low smearing of custom modular synthesis meets mass-market electronics resulting in some kind of bewildering Subotnick-techno and sound sculpture hybrid. *(Matthew Erickson)

Cassette w/ download link included with $5 admission