Contributors Inc Workshop + Spam Slam

On Saturday, July 8th at 1pm join us for a workshop with Contributors Inc. followed by a short reading, SPAM SLAM, with Anamaya Farthing-Kohl. In this two-part workshop + reading, The Luminary's current residents Contributors Inc. (Mimi Cabell and Phoebe Stubbs) and Anamaya Farthing-Kohl consider art criticism through both an active analysis of contributors to particular publications and exploring the borders of form.

Contributors Inc. Workshop

Contributors Inc. is a collaborative archive-based artistic research project with a specific focus: What can working only with the information from the contents pages of magazines of art and culture reveal about art’s critical history and canon? We initially established the project because this information so obviously highlighted the gender imbalance in the contributors of art magazines. Our remit has broadened however, as we realized its potential to communicate the shifting commercial and political concerns in art over time, particularly its limited constitution and obvious bias. While the text on these pages is freely available, our aim is to move beyond surface explorations and use it to make visible the hidden structures of the canon. We ask: How often does a single reviewer write? What shape does this give to the magazine’s references? How does this affect art’s critical archive? How does dealing with this material in different forms allow us to know it differently?

While in residence at The Luminary, Contributors Inc. will present a workshop using the contents of several art and culture magazines. We will visualize the critics that write in these magazines, the frequency with which they appear over time, and the breadth of artists they review. In groups we will use mapping exercises to examine what this information looks like as patterns, drawing out the weight of voices and themes that have dominated these magazines and constitute their authority in the western art canon. Together we will then discuss what we can do as artists, writers, and researchers to acknowledge these structures as we work. As Andrea Fraser notes in a recent interview, “You can only change what is present in the here and now of your engagement with it.”

Following the workshop, Anamaya Farthing-Kohl will present the SPAM SLAM, a circular game of reading junk mail, with judging and monumentalizing as one fluid act.

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