Drummers Only 2017

Drummers ONLY is a yearly percussion and drum based installation that features more than 20 performers in one night. All players set up simultaneously and perform percussion-based pieces in rapid-succession throughout the building.

The greater St. Louis region has a wealth of talented and innovative drummers ranging throughout many disciplines and styles of percussion. On this night, several area musicians will converge at the Luminary for a night of solo, duo and trio performances. This edition also features spoken word and poetry.

Admission is $7, but additional donations will be accepted.
100% of the proceeds collected at the door will go to the Emergent Fund (https://www.emergentfund.net/), a collaborative effort between the Women Donors Network, Solidaire and Threshold Foundation that aids and assists in progressive movements, programs and actions.


Beneficiaries for previous Drummers ONLY events include:
International Institute St. Louis (2015 and 2016)
Organization for Black Struggle (2016)
Queer and Trans People of Color: STL (2016)

EMCEE: Joss Barton


Amber Kogut / Cameron Rogers
Shelly Koesterer / Jessica Vendegna
Melanie Meyer / Cody Perkins
Dee Ball / Kranky

Kenjiii Usui
Isaac Cherry
Kaleb Kirby
Drew Gowran
Joe Hess
Joe Winters
Coby Sher