07.14.2017 - 07.15.2017

Fossil - Performance by Leslie Cuyjet

For the closing of A Collection of Slow Events, The Luminary will present two performances of Leslie Cuyjet's Fossil for six dancers.

Fossil tests the capacity of the human form as a vessel for memory. It excavates an intimate relationship between two bodies and the history housed within them through a series of positions. One body collapses into the other while the other supports, briefly. As if caught in the comfort of this moment one is left holding the space they once held together as air, light, and time continue to progress in the other’s absence. Born out of exercises in self-care, Fossil examines our perception of stillness and motion, sculpture and performance, solitary and collaboration, and our ability to undo histories by revisiting them, one excavation at a time.

Performers include Leslie Cuyjet, Betsy Brandt, Muffie Connelly, Ellie Harris, Jacob Henss, and Kat Reynolds.

Performance times: Friday, July 14th at 7pm and Saturday, July 15th at 4pm

The performances are free and open to the public. Though expected to last approximately one hour, the performances are durational in nature and may be experienced in part or in full. Image courtesy of Scott Shaw.