Heavy Meddle: BI/OS

Doors 8:00 pm / Show 9:00 pm
Tickets: $10 adv / dos and available to purchase here.

The first Heavy Meddle party takes place Friday, January 16 as a collaboration with Chicago-based cultural production center, Priz Tats. The inaugural event, BI/OS, explores the fear of pandemic propagated by images and bias shared through new media. Musical performances and artwork by Ben Aqua, DV-i, Black James and, DJ Drug Money featuring visual art by Rachael Milton, Sua Yoo, Scotty2Hotty69 and Priz Tats.

The event will stream live online at heavymeddle.org. More information online at bi-os.exposed/.

About Heavy Meddle
Heavy Meddle is a series celebration of music and art installations that explore the visual, sonic and aesthetic nature of emerging online micro-genres—launches. The parties reimagine the concert experience through an immersive club environment featuring DJ performances and art installations. Each event is curatorial in nature drawing from concepts in technetronics, post-media aesthetics, technology, and pop culture. Heavy Meddle brings the experimental aesthetics of online interactions into a physical space, pushing the boundaries of new art and music programming and pioneering a new kind of network for the next generation of St. Louisans.

About Priz Tats
Priz Tats Cultural Production Center is a multifaceted output entity that generates content both digitally and physically, blurring the line between art collective, record label, publishing company and other traditionally separate fields of content creation. Based in Chicago, Illinois, the Priz Tats name is managed primarily by Hamilton Steele and Rachael Milton with both permanent and seasonally changing members and residences across the globe. Some of Priz Tat’s work includes videos, production or direction for Yen Tech, PC Music, DV-i and others. Find out more information at priztats.com.

The Luminary's Concert Series is sponsored in part by Master Pieza, MELT, and Urban Chestnut Brewing Company.