Widowspeak with Grace Basement and Cassie Morgan and The Lonely Pine

The Luminary presents Widowspeak with Grace Basement and Cassie Morgan and The Lonely Pine on Wednesday, October 14. Doors at 8:00 pm, show at 9:00 pm. Tickets are $10 adv, $12dos. Buy tickets now.

Widowspeak has grown up in a lot of ways.The band's third album, All Yours, is one that could only come from Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas: a honed and elegant interweaving of dream-pop and slowcore rock and roll, easygoing melodies and dusty, snaking guitars. It's also their finest release to date: ten beautiful songs that are refreshingly straightforward yet built from the same well-chosen and deftly-used tools the band has always worked with. All Yours is ambitious without feeling labored-over, anchored in the strengths of Widowspeak's consistent influences. There are those familiar Morricone-come-Verlaine guitar passages, moody and country-tinged instrumentation, watery tremolo, velvety stacked vocals. You can hear Molly's affection for The Cranberries and The Sundays in the wavering melodies of "Dead Love" or "Girls", and Rob's adoration of George Harrison and Robbie Robertson in his brilliantly economical guitar playing. The result is an aesthetically diverse and profoundly nostalgic sound; indebted to past eras without feeling dated. Since they came on the scene five years ago, the band has seen many permanent changes: new lineups, new environments. Instead of bringing additional permanent members into the fold after the departure of its founding drummer, the band was whittled down to a duo, a lineup that has remained constant since 2012. After releasing a second LP, Almanac, and The Swamps EP (both in 2013), Molly and Rob left Brooklyn for the (quite literally) greener pastures of the Catskills/Hudson Valley region.


Grace Basement
Kevin Buckley has never been shy about re-tooling Grace Basement; he's been the sole member of the band since its inception as a one-man rock group with the release pf still-stellar New Sense in 2007. Gunmetal Grey was louder and more ornery, though his turns of phrase and boundless gifts for melody and harmony shown through. So it wasn't a huge shock when Buckley and a new cast of players unplugged for the folk-driven Wheel Within a Wheel, but the resulting album and live shows felt like a culmination of everything Grace Basement has been moving toward since its beginning. -Christian Schaeffer, RFT


Cassie Morgan and The Lonely Pine
Cassie Morgan and the Lonely Pine have woven a lush sonic world of delicate, yet deeply affecting melodies. Morgan’s captivating story-songs, sparsely dressed with close harmonies and a patchwork of organic instruments, shine through the warm hiss of tape and the melodic plucking of the guitar on the LP Weathered Hands, Weary Eyes. Though largely folk-derived, the music crosses over into americana, blues, and indie-rock, drawing comparisons to artists including Hope Sandoval, Emmylou Harris, Cat Power, and Gillian Welch.