Residency FAQs

What expectations does The Luminary have of their artists and curators-in-residence?
Participants are expected to use the time and space awarded to them and be an engaged member of The Luminary and broader St. Louis community. Opportunities for public engagement are encouraged, whether through a proposed exhibition, publication, workshop or other project.

Does The Luminary offer housing, stipends or grants for travel to and from the residency?
The Luminary has an evolving but finite amount of support we can offer to residents each session. For 2018, the base stipend is $500 plus additional funding for projects on a case-by-base basis. The program awards housing, stipends and studio space but does not cover travel expenses. Each resident is provided a private bedroom in a shared two-bedroom apartment and a dedicated studio space with wireless internet and 24-hour access. Additional shared work and storage space are also available including a designated woodshop, access to A/V equipment (including video projectors, monitors, cameras, etc.) and individualized support by The Luminary staff with a local and regional network of professionals. The Luminary offers assistance with additional grant applications when possible as well.

International applicants and those with significant need should apply early to allow ample time to arrange for support. Upon request, The Luminary Residency Program can provide accepted residents invitational letters for external funding applications.

Can collaborative teams apply?
Yes, we do consider applications from collaborative teams. Applying collaborative teams are asked to submit individual resumes or CV, but only one application and fee.

Can students apply?
Current students may not participate in the residency program but may apply for residencies that begin after their schooling is complete.

Can St. Louis-based artists apply?
The Residency Program is for visiting artists, curators and critics only. We operate a parallel studio program for area artists and offer many other opportunities to interact with the Residency and Exhibition programs otherwise.

What is the community of St. Louis like?
St. Louis has an active arts community with many galleries, DIY spaces and free museums. The Luminary is located in an active urban environment with access to public transit, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and public parks and there are many options to get involved in the greater arts community.

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