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Jesse Hlebo

When a vacationing Afghani Jihadi, a first generation Mexican-American border patrol officer, and a stoned, 12 year old, native New Yorker simultaneously update their Facebook status to "Why is Wikipedia blacked out?" on the same make of cell phone over free Starbucks WiFi, you know the apocalypse is already here. Jesse Hlebo's solo exhibition, Punitive Embers, is an experiment in crisis participation and civil suicide. How are we supposed to learn about the apocalypse when the internet is down?


Jenny Holzer

Jenny Holzer, MONEY CREATES TASTE, consists of a single silver spoon. In a time where economics are eclipsing art's more complex functions, this simple object asks not simply how is taste formed, but who is given the privilege to articulate taste?

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Residents Announced for Spring 2014

The Luminary is proud to announce our Spring 2014 Residents: Alika Cooper (Los Angeles/US), Laura Isaac (Kansas City/US), Florin Dan/Inside Zone (Romania/RO), Jesse Hlebo (New York City/US), Lauren van Haaften-Schick (New York City/US) and Rebecca Harris (London/UK). Please see full bios below for more information.

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Current Residents

Alika Cooper

Alika Cooper is a Los Angeles-based artist whose fabric constructions redefine the formal qualities of avant-garde photography.

Laura Isaac

Laura Isaac is an interdisciplinary artist living in Kansas City working in social-media performance and photography.

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Grand Opening

Join us on May 17th for The Luminary's Grand Opening of our new space at 2701 Cherokee. The free event will offer a first glimpse into the finished new space with music, cash bar, and art auction throughout the evening.